"It doesn't have to be difficult to be embedded and wireless!"

iFarm II - Wireless Project


The iFarm Controller is a wireless data acquisition system used to remotely monitor temperature and humidity conditions in a remote location. The iFarm consists of two controllers, the iFarm-Remote and iFarm-Base controller. The iFarm-Remote is located in remote location with various sensors (supports sensors that output +/-10VDC ) connected. The iFarm-Remote also provides the user with 6-digital inputs and 6-digital outputs. The digital inputs may be used to detect switch closures while the digital outputs may be used to energize a relay coil. The iFarm-Base supports either a 2.4GHz or 900Mhz RF Module.

The iFarm-Base controller is responsible for sending commands to the iFarm-Remote controller to acquire the sensor and digital input status readings. These readings may be viewed locally on the iFarm-Base controllers LCD display or remotely via an Internet connection using your favorite web-browser. Alarm conditions can be set on the iFarm-Base controller. An active upper or lower limit condition will notify the user either through an e-mail or a text message sent directly to the user. Alternatively, the user may view and control the iFarm-Remote controller via web-browser. The iFarm-Base controllers web-server is designed to support viewing pages from a PC, Laptop, iPhone, iTouch, Blackberry or any mobile device/telephone which has a WiFi Internet connection.

The prototype iFarm controllers are currently operating at the Gansmann's Farm in Illinois.

The iFarm-Remote is located in a remote barn approximately 300 yards from the iFarm-Base controller. The temperature/moisture/humidity sensors are connected to the 24-bit ADC in the iFarm-Remote controller.  Both controllers utilize the XBee XSC 900Mhz RF modules.  The iFarm-Base has a 3dBi Gain Rubber Duck antennea, while the iFarm-Remote is connected to a 9dBi Gain Yagi.

Below is a screen shot of the iFarm-Base controller's web page as viewed remotely from a web-browser.

The iFarm consists of two wireless controllers, the iFarm-Host and the iFarm-Remote.

 The iFarm-Base is responsible for the following tasks:


         Initiating a read from the iFarm-Remote.

         Displaying the sensor readings on its LCD display.

         Detecting upper and lower limit conditions from the remote sensor(s).

         Tripping alarm conditions and notifying the user.

         Wirelessly transmit/receive data to/from iFarm-Remote.


The iFarm-Remote controller sports the following hardware features:


  • 4 Channels (24-bit ADC) 0-10V input
  • XBee Pro wireless RF module.
  • P89C668 8-bit microcontroller
  • (1) RS-232 serial port interface
  • Terminal block connectors for sensor inputs
  • +5V and +24V available for powering connected sensor
  • Alive LED for displaying connection activity and status
  • Watchdog Timer






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